How to handle your teen without pulling out your hair … or going grey!!!

How to handle your teen without pulling out your hair … or going grey!!!

Everyone dreads the teenage years. That is, unless your one of the luckiest parents in the world and have kids who listen and do what their supposed to do. I personally was not that lucky. I have two teens whom I must always ride and reiterate things such as chores and every day rules or tasks like taking the dog for a walk and feeding them. Not to mention the bickering between the two kids. No matter what I say the minute it starts they block out anything but what each other are saying, which I have not figured out how to resolve yet so comment your thoughts on this matter.

The constant reminding, the complaining from the kids for everything from what they get to why they must do from day to day adds up and will become so stressful and frustrating as the more you fight the harder it is to get any real progress. This is largely because teenage kids honestly believe they know it all… Didn’t you? With this frustration and stress many parents begin to get grey headed, stressed and even ready to pull out their hair. I However, have found that the best approach with teens and it will seem so common you with not believe it, but it works.

First Step - "Your on your way read on"

Firstly, one must always remember who they are dealing with as you cannot use things that normally work with adults or others with a more mature mind as the response will always be less than positive or accurate. So, now you are on the same level as a teen and thinking like one too...

Second Step - "Your almost there"

The second step is the most difficult and that is repetition, taking action, and keeping calm in which you never accept less, never give a single inch as they will take a mile, and be sure to always take action, never let anything slide. I know it seems tough or rough, but it’s important and the arguably the most difficult thing to do as were are talking about the greatest love in our lives… Our Kids!

Now this doesn’t mean to be mean or even angry as the point is to not get angry or upset as this only makes your actions less effective and them to listen less if at all. Possibly even traumatize them in some way not to mention yourself. So just stay calm and take action as you have to (repeat first step) think who you are dealing with and identify they are teenage kids and they will make mistakes, press buttons, cross lines, and even rebel at times as they begin to find themselves and create their identity.

Third Step - "Your there now keep it going"

I promise if you stay calm and take action they will too and as you do so things will begin to get better, but don’t stop ever as a parent’s job is never done! This leads us to our final step in which despite that our jobs as parents are never done, we do tend to overdo-it and at times this can even be counterproductive to what you are trying to accomplish not to mention make your kids life’s miserable as well as your own. So, every chance you get have fun, make a point to be involved in their activities, lives, and decisions as well as listen when they have something to say.

Final words- "Thank you for reading"

Thank you for reading this article if you have something to add please do so in the comments. I have 4 kids two teens 13-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl and two younger (twin girls) kids that are almost 6 years old. This is based on anything but my own experiences with my kids which may differ from your lives and should be but it’s a view or perspective I have, which may change as they grow older and we experience new things and deal with problems as a family and as parents. If there is any other topics or subjects, you would like me to write about or want to discuss please comment or email us to let us know we are always eager to hear your thoughts and concerns.

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