How to handle your teen without pulling out your hair … or going grey!!!

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Everyone dreads the teenage years. That is, unless your one of the luckiest parents in the world and have kids who listen and do what their supposed to do. I personally was not that lucky. I personally was not that lucky and this is how I dealt with it.

Learn Electrical Safety Today... Save a Life Tomorrow!!!

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Learn Electrical Safety Today... Save a Life Tomorrow! Today, many people are becoming DIYer's and more technologically capable in which many are having more energy and electrical needs to power their devices in addition to the electrical needs of the newest trend of indoor gardens or growing. So needless to say electrical safety is extremely important; however, many people do not realize the importance of electrical safety.

Make Checkboxes in Prestashop Using helpers

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Tutorial on how to use Prestashop helper to create form checkboxes and store or retrieve the data.

Boost your Prestashop website speed to extreme speeds... See how!

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How we boosted our Prestashop ecommerce website and experienced a 90% decrease in the loading times within the time-frame of this article, but it may differ with each website and the requirements of the website.

Get All Your Yearly Gifts Free...

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Shopping is often related to loss as you always end up losing money at the register. Although at times some sales or rebates that allow you to save, but only one allows you to earn. Shop Save N Earn pays out earnings on every order!

Chef's Secret Aluminum 3pc Frying Pan Set Review

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This item has yet to wear and the coating is still like new and still cooks the same as it did when purchased. I paid a little more than it costs now but it was and still is worth the price as I have cooked on it for a house of 6 people daily for 2 years which is a significant amount of wear and tear...

Shop Save N Earn The Fun Profitable Way To Shop!!!

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Shopping should be fun and profitable and in most cases it is fun, but rarely profitable. In many aspects, over the years retail industries have created a trend in which relates all purchases with loss as well as the checkout process or registers being linked to loss.

Shop Save N Earn... Can it help a community and its residence grow? You Decide!

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Article about how a store like Shop Save N Earn (that use the Williamson Initiative) can impact or affect a community and its residence on a local scale. The article highlights the implications of giving money back on every order as well as those of advertising by support of human service or social projects or events, and the donation of a portion of an organizations profits each year.

Shop Save N Earn Theme Contest

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New Theme design contest in which customers can design and submit a theme for Prestashop 1.6 to win $100 and a page dedicated to their work. The submission must be based off of the default bootstrap theme or at the very least bootstrap compatible.