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    LS Series Light and High Load Switcher The LS Series of light and high load switchers provide safe and reliable switching of high current equipment such as HID lighting high amperage heaters or dehumidifi ers. The unit performs the high current switching by means of a low-current 120Vac sense cord. This sense cord can be activated by regular timers....

    $ 122.96
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    Mondi Super Saucers Manufactured in high quality plastic Perfect way of ensuring correct watering levels Ideal for potted plants that draw up water from below Suits a greenhouse conservatory indoor and outdoor patio environments Protects your carpet tile wood and metal shelves from moisture and dirt

    $ 193.50
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    SIZE OUTPUT and PERFORMANCE have fi nally met birthing the T5 BadBoy! The T5 Bad-Boy produces color and light much closer to that of regular daylight than the leading competitors resulting in tighter internodal spacing thicker stem-walls heartier foliage and natural increases in extracts. All of these come together to create a much healthier plant while...

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    Plantmax SUPER High Presure Sodium SUPER High Presure Sodium lamps with adjusted blue spectrum brings you the best yields in flowering and fruiting

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    AIR-1 Temp & Humidity Controller The AIR-1 allows you to control the temperature and humidity within your growing environment. Connect your ventilation equipment (air conditioner fan etc.) to the exhaust outlet. Then set your temperature and humidity to the level that you wish to maintain. If either level is exceeded the exhaust outlets are activated...

    $ 139.85
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    $ 571.99 In Stock

    The high intensity Mars II 1600 is incredible powerful for 4.5' ?4.5' size?s growing. Full spectrum, high quality but with affordable price makes it the be

    $ 571.99
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    Max-Fan The most powerful line of fans on the market today. The efficiency of the Max-Fan will decrease power consumption and increase performance! Compact and light weight compared to existing in-line blowers or fans. The new Max-Fan comes with power cord attached and mounting bracket. Max-Fans are designed to maintain high CFM ratings while operating...

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    $ 271.99 In Stock

    High qualified grow tent specifically for growing with Mars Hydro products. A safe growing environment for your plants,100% Highly Reflective Waterproof;In

    $ 271.99
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