Questions and Answers

1. What is Shop Save N Earn?

Shop Save n Earn is a new organization that is revolutionizing the way people perceive and conduct business. Particularly that of human service and sustainability practices in which businesses cannot avoid reinvesting in their communities and treat humans like cash machines that can continuously spend money wildly without any repercussions. Some of these repercussions we are seeing today with the layoffs, downgrades, and economic instability, which only can be adverted by rethinking how we do business and the implications of our current operational ways. For example Shop Save N Earn mixes business industries to better balance an unstable market namely the retail and human service industries.

Human service is a big part of consumer demand and economics as many who are suffering from recessive environments are less likely to purchase the same amount of goods as they did when they had steady employment. In fact, many people often reduce their spending just because of the economic pressure and the worries of financial insecurities. Shop Save N Earn comes at selling products to people in which we pay people to shop, donate a portion of our yearly profits to charities and human service projects of the areas we serve.

Shop Save N Earn is a hybrid organization that is a retail organization on the front-end and a human service program grantor and creator on the back-end, which also pays out earnings for each order to its customers ranging from 1 to 20% of their orders in addition to the yearly share of the company profits. The Human services back-end is essential in its success as it is the people who buy our products, support our businesses, and who truly keeps the economy stable.

2. How does one receive their earnings?

We currently ship out a earnings in the form of a check that is separate from our products, which should reach the client within days before or after they receive the products. When we expand into a storefront we will begin to offer cash at the register or you can opt to apply it to your ATM and saver cards.