About us

Shop Save N Earn is a the new revolutionary organization that is 100% sustainable in any economy, which is in its start-up phase. Shop Save N Earn currently only operates on the internet but is an aspiring department store, as the purpose of the store is to generate money for communities and the consumers who we serve.

Shop Save N Earn is a Project based on the Williamson Initiative, which can be applied to any organization and its operations. The Williamson Initiative adoption consist of organizations donating from 1-5% of its profits to fund and support community programs and organizations, mixing sectors to boost its ability to serve and help the communities that surround it, and using unique strategies to help boost community based projects. For example, one strategy is the creation of advertisements that sponsoring of community events to promote our organization.

Shop Save N Earn promotes good wealth for its consumers by offering earnings on each order because let's face it the consumers are our #1 stockholders and investors. These earnings are paid at the register (after physical stores or added to your personalized customer card after every order, or by mail in the form of a check (online orders), earning from 1-20% back every time they buy something. Now, the organizations savers cards not only give the customer more savings, special deals, and even can be used as an ATM card ( in our physical stores only) to pull off earnings(we will cover this further in a few sentences).

Our company

Shop Save N Earn

120 Mosher Ave.

Battle Creek, MI


Company Information

We are a new retail store who specializes in new merchandise. We are a unique store in which our mission is to help and communities and people from around the globe by paying our customers to shop (currently offered as a Earnings Check by mail) and instant earnings at the register when shopping in our physical stores. We do this because there are many people who struggle to make ends meet month to month and we at Shop Save N Earn feel it is our duty to help alleviate these struggles by investing in the communities and people we serve and the programs that sustain them.

Company History

Shop Save N Earn was founded on September 29, 2012 by William R. Williamson after completing his BA degree in Human Services and Case Management in which gave him the idea of mixing non and for profit organizations. Mixing these types of organizations will dramatically increase the organizational sustainability as well as the people who uses its services or buys its products. How, you ask? If an organization is a for profit organization it must have a non-profit back-end in which 5 to 20% of its profits go to non-profit funding and community assistance.

How does this help? If an organization invests into the community it serves, the community thrives and the people within it also become more sustainable as does the community. In turn the organization will be ensuring the community will still be able to use their services or products, which helps sustain sales and profits for the organization.This also can work for non-profits in which they can add a service or product that they can sell to help generate funding for their social program, organizations, or project in which they cannot use the profits for anything except the organizational needs, but this alone helps sustain the organization and its ability to operate even without donations or typical funding approaches.

William founded Shop Save N Earn with no loans or not startup funding as it is a radical and uniquely structured organization started from scratch and after two years we are steadily growing and continuing to make strides towards our goal to help fund many community projects and earn many people huge amounts of money by shopping for their everyday needs. But we cannot do it alone we need you and your support by earning money every day from 1 to 20% back on every order. Yes, that's all just by earning money from our store your helping your local community.

Our team

Our team is made up of people from the local areas we serve and are dedicated to excellence and strive to give the best services possible. It is our job to help and serve our communities and welcome any feedback. We are a total quality organization in which we want everyone from our employee's to our customers to feel welcome at Shop Save N Earn whether it is in the stock room or in an executive office we are a family first and our customers should feel the same too as we value you just the same, as it is your happiness that lets us operate, earn you money, provide you with great products, and even fund our much needed human service projects.